Day 344: Favorite European Country – Part 4

Friendships. Relationships are what elevate each place from just a city or a country to being my favorite place in that point of my own story. It’s sometimes family or long-time friends or even brand new friends.

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Day 336: Favorite European Country – Part 2

Belgium is my favorite because I proved to myself that I could be courageous and quit my job and move across the world like some fearless heroine in a novel. It wasn’t always easy, but Belgium, you earned that piece of my heart.

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Day 335: Favorite European Country – Part 1

I am lucky. I have been to so many different places in Europe. This usually leads to the question “what has been your favorite? Where would you recommend going?” This, of course, is followed by a blank stare from me. How can I pick one! Honestly, I can’t say what is my favorite or where somebody […]

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Day 309: Six Days Until Departure

I can travel, people can move into my apartment, Kiki can be on extended holiday with my parents, and my best friend can be pursuing her dreams across the country, but nothing and nobody can take away that place where you feel you belong.

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Day 258: 1975, the International Women’s Year

What would those women at the World Conference of the International Women’s Year think of where we are now? Why are some of the most basic issues fought to be overcome in 1975 still issues today? We cannot let young women 40 years from today ask these same questions I am raising. We can change this. So let’s.

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My Recent Battle with the Political Internet

It’s been awhile. November was kind of a crazy month with a lot of emotional highs and lows.  Right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop while my dad is visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp.  After visiting Auschwitz, I don’t know if I could emotionally handle another camp this year – but I stand […]

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